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BOYD COUNTY, KENTUCKY, Genealogy, Stories, Articles & Research , Monographs I.  This special edition is first in a series of articles and extractions researched and compiled by professional genealogist Teresa Klaiber. This volume includes the history of the Boyd County Poor Farm, Ashland's earliest known log house, Slavery in the county, Colored Marriages 1866-1881, the Hillendale Show grounds and the Ashland Country Club.  CD Format Adobe Acrobat Reader required.  $11.00 includes s/h and tax.

BOYD COUNTY, KENTUCKY, Genealogy, Stories, Articles & Research, Monographs II. This special edition is the second in a series of articles and extractions researched and compiled by professional genealogist Teresa Klaiber. This volume includes the history of Boyd County Funeral homes,  information on Boyd County Burial permits, Guardianship Docket I, the counties first recorded scandal, Bastardy cases, Mine accidents, Land partitions, Boyd County Deaf, Coalton Cemetery History, Naturalization Records, county school information, Confederate Pension applications filed in Boyd County and Ashland High School Graduates 1883-1926 and much more.CD FORMAT Customers will need Adobe Reader 7.0. $11.00 includes all shipping, handling and KY state tax

BOYD COUNTY, KENTUCKY 1902 TAX JOURNAL. Extraction by Teresa Martin Klaiber, 1999. 155pp., alpha order with introduction and explanation.  Original journal in possession of FLI.  CD Format Adobe Acrobat Reader required.  $11.00 includes s/h and tax.  

SCIOTO DIVISON NORFOLK & WESTERN RAILROAD LIFE AND LIMB 1895-1928 The railway system in southeastern Ohio, provided passenger service, mail and industrial transportation.  The Norfolk and Western Railway Company provided medical services. Surgeons, doctors and hospitals were utilized along the length of the rails.   Passengers, rail road workers, trespassers were all treated and careful reports maintained. This descriptive volume is a chronological history of the railway, its accidents, and its people.  The Scioto Division involved workers from Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky and much of southern Ohio.  Passengers traveled the rails from as far away as Rhode Island and across the United States.  Many of the records give residency, age, disabilities, and in some cases death records included are employment/pension information of many rail workers from Circleville, Columbus, Omega, Waverly and other points in Ohio and the medical ledgers of the Scioto Division Surgeon based in Portsmouth, Ohio.  Many rail workers would find temporary residence in Portsmouth, Scioto County, Ohio.  A detailed history of the hospitals utilized in Portsmouth, has been carefully researched by the author.  Biographies of the many doctors who worked with the N&W within the Scioto Division and beyond are included.  Maps of the Scioto Division Norfolk and Western give readers a a visual along the rails.  Among its pages readers will find the N&W certification for Boyd County, Kentucky; the extension of the Kenova and Big Sandy Railroad, Interstate Commerce Commission accidents and a Columbus District Seniority list.  Written By Teresa Martin Klaiber. Softbound, 270pp. illustrated, indexed. $29.95 + 4.50 shipping/handling KY Residents 6% $1.80

THROUGH HELL'S GATE TO SHANGHHAI . By John Geer Martin, DVM. The fascinating narrative and true history of the 10th Combat Cargo Squadron, 3rd C.C. Group, China-Burma-India, 1944-1946. In an easy to read, and entertaining way, this book documents the month by month story of the men and their missions. THROUGH HELL'S GATE TO SHANGHAI tells the reader about the squadron's action in the Imphal Valley Campaign where " kids...sent to war untrained...made history and became old men in three weeks..." - fights hauling steel pipe for the gas line to China-Japanese Zero attacks on unarmed C-47 transports - grossly overloaded transports carrying heavy construction equipment needed to build the Stilwell Road and forward airstrips - O.S.S. missions behind enemy lines - large scale airlifts transporting Chinese soldiers, animals and equipment back to their homeland, China - bizarre Hump flights through thunderstorms, rain, hail, ice & and fear!

DOC MY TIGER'S GOT AN ITCHanijungle.gif (2873 bytes) Life of well-loved circus veterinarian John Martin, who traveled with Ringling Bros. and Barnam & Bailey circus-among many shows-becoming a pioneer of exotic animal medicine. Included are stories of ailing lions, tigers, and bears that Martin treated as well as anecdotes of circus greats: pioneer circus veterinarian J.Y. Henderson, elephant trainer Hugo Schmidt and tiger master Charly Baumann, and the first Lady of American circus GeeGee Engesser. Clowns Otto Griebling, Lou Jacobs, Mark Anthony, Freddie Freeman and CoCo are part of the story as well as such greats as the Flying Wallendas. ISBN 1-878208-87-X Guild Press of Indiana, Carmel, IN, hardbound, 205 pp. $22.95 + $3.50 shipping and handling.  KY residents add $1.37 sales tax.

NEVER A HO HUM DAY  By John Geer Martin DVM. The career & personal life of a young Kentucky hill-country veterinarian raising a family and struggling with his profession in the rugged foothills of Appalachia [north eastern Kentucky].  Problems were many.  There were few paved roads, no electricity in most rural areas and telephone service was scarce, making communications difficult at best.  Moon shining, horse, cow, hog and sheep trading along with saw milling, coal mining and scratching out a living on the hillside farms - all honorable occupations among the country folk, come to life in this publication.  Nearly everyone was superstitious.  Many of the doctor's farm clients believed in witches.   It was a glorious time of  hard physical and mental work for a young veterinarian obsessed  with the idea he could make a difference. Published by Guild Press of Indiana, Inc., Carmel, IN. Hardbound. 210 pp. $22.95 plus  $3.50 shipping and handling.  KY residents add $1.37 sales tax.








If you are seeking copies of  publications by Teresa Martin Klaiber and Family Lineage Investigations, division of  FLI Antiques & Genealogy  and it is OUT-OF-PRINT,  we suggest you try the following repositories:   Library of Congress, LDS, Ohio Genealogical Society, DAR Library, Muskingum County [OH] Public Library or the Boyd County [KY] Public Library.  Below is information on  some of our publications.


CLAYTON CONNECTIONS A RESEARCHERS GUIDE TO NEW JERSEY CLAYTON ANCESTORS. 1984. Teresa Martin Klaiber.  OUT-OF-PRINT.  Besides the above listed locations you will find copies of this publication at the New Jersey State Archives and Burlington County [NJ] Public Library.


KLAIBER CEMETERY, BOYD COUNTY, KENTUCKY out-of-print for further info Return to Table of Contents and click on Klaiber Cemetery.  Since this is an active cemetery, the publication was a limited edition.  A copy is available at the Boyd County Public Library and KY State Archives.  For up to date individual grave information please contact us at our email address below.


KLAIBER COUSINS, Teresa Martin Klaiber.  1981.  Out-of-print.  While this is out-of-print the author has extended the lineage in Germany several generations.  The author will share information with family members, while requesting updates on Klaiber births, marriages and special events to keep the data base up to date.  Email the author below.


MUSKINGUM CO., OH PROBATE INDEX 1 compiled by Debbie Blackstone and Teresa L. Martin Klaiber. This master index combines Muskingum Co., OH Probate indices and case packets as follows: Will bk A 1804-1814; Will Bk B 1814-1831; Guardian Bk A 1816-1848; Adm. Docket A 1817-1837; Adm. Docket B 1838-1849; Case Packets 1-2600+. 1995. Computer 3 1/5" disk. Dbase format. IBM compatible. ASCII text. GIFT TO YOU IN CYBERSPACE - FREE if you are an OGS member The Ohio Genealogical Society 


NEW CONCORD OHIO 1833-1902, Teresa Martin Klaiber, 1984. Out-of-print.   Besides the above listed repositories copies can be found at Muskingum College Library, Muskingum County Library and the Guernsey County Public Library.





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