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First Edition 1999



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Family Lineage Investigations, a division of Deliverance farm Enterprises

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      James Matthew Klaiber


James Matthew6 Klaiber (John (Johann) Andrew (Andreas)5, Matthais4, Matthais3, Michael2, Thomas1) was born 21 June 1857 in Catlettsburg. Greenup Co, KY. He was born on Catletts Creek. in the portion of the county that was partitioned as Boyd County when he was three years old.

His father, John Andrew Klaiber was the American progenitor of the family, arriving in America, from Germany, in 1854. A bootmaker by trade, John Andrew was able to move into Catlettsburg, Kentucky by 1864 where his business grew monthly. Catlettsburg was a prospering community and bustling river front town. During the Civil War government stores were set up not far from their home. In 1864 troops marched through the town much to the wonder of a seven year old boy. As the war came to a close the logging trade once again flourished and with it a growth of hotels and saloons. With six children and more on the way, John Andrew and his wife Mary Ann [nee McBrayer] packed their belongings, sold their town property and moved to the country. They settled on Garner, leading to East Fork and back to the Big Sandy River. The road to their property was nothing more than the creek bed later known as Long Branch. The family still traded in Catlettsburg, sold and repaired shoes and were also able to tap further into the logging trade, by logging the land and hauling the logs, on skids pulled by oxen to the river wharf.

James Matthew helped with all aspects of farm life, including logging, and most importantly the repair of equipment.. When he was 21 he married Martha Kathryn Stewart, 11 September 1878. Kathryn was the daughter of Landon Stewart and Eliza Banfield. They were married by Lindsey Fannin at her parents home on Jack=s Fork. He was active in the newly organized sabbath school at Green-hill and was able to file an indenture for 61 acres from William and Mary Ross in 1888 and by 1892 had purchased 57 acres on on the left hand fork Jack=s Fork But farm life was hard. They had six small children and there had been disputes with members of the Stewart family over a horse that ended in a court case in James Matthew=s favor. James Matthew tried his hand at coal mining just over the hill, in Rush, but equipment on the farm and at the mines were always in need of repair. He had learned blacksmithing at a very early age and was proud of his skills.. He was a farmer, not a coal miner and quickly returned to tend his acres and concentrate on his blacksmith skills. In May 1897 the courts granted James Matthew Klaiber a divorce and a year later the land on Jack=s Fork was sold because of liens.

Devoting his energy to farming, he found that more and more neighbors came for blacksmith repairs and help. At the age of 40 he married Amanda McGlothlin, the widow of Anson Pope, 01 June 1898 in Boyd Co, KY, daughter of Robert McGlothlin and Rebecca Correl.. Sadly she lived only a short time after their marriage and he married (3) Julina Leoto Sexton 02 April 1905, daughter of Henry Sexton and Julina McCormac[k].

He now owned property in Boyd, Carter and Lawrence County. Besides farming, he operated the blacksmith shop, on his farm, for the area. He also kept up with the tools of his trade and new techniques through a subscription to the AMERICAN BLACKSMITH during the early 1900's. His blacksmith equipment was well maintained.

James Matthew made his desk from an old crate with drawers designed from cigar boxes. The drawers held everything from nails to shoe the oxen and horses, to slips of receipts for eggs and blacksmith services. The shop was made from board sawed on the farm and nestled near a branch that eventually flows from Long Branch to the East Fork of the Sandy River.

His anvil was a well cared for, typically described in pattern as a London anvil, having a horn and one hardie hole. It was mounted on a sufficient log stump. His tool array included straight lipped and round nosed tongs, a handle punch, hoof clipper, shoeing hammer, and rasps. And with the convenience of modern equipment, he was able to have a rotary blower.

He was an extremely active man working the farm, cutting timber, hauling coal over Rush Hill from the small mines with oxen, and in later years watching the rock crusher on his property above the barns where his shop had been. Besides his six children from his first marriage and four step children in his household for a time by his 2nd marriage, James Matthew had two more children, Martha and John Henry Powell Sexton Klaiber with his 3rd wife Julina Leota Sexton Horton Klaiber.

Interested in local affairs and politics, in 1948, at 91 years of age, he appeared in RIPLEY'S BELIEVE IT OR NOT. He had voted in the same precinct for 70 years. His portrait, taken from a small submitted photo was one of the last drawings Ripley did prior to Ripley's death. Mail arrived from all across the country to congratulate James Matthew Klaiber. And many with the Klaiber surname wrote seeking to find out if they were related.

The blacksmith ledger was diligently kept, if only for a short time, at the desk that James Matthew designed. It is a reflection and sampling of life, neighbors and work on Garner, Boyd County, Kentucky. All spelling of names and items are copied as spelled in the original ledger. Extractor comments are in [ ].

Teresa Martin Klaiber, 1999



WILLIAM LAMBERT April through November 1902. Amounts for sharpening, shoes, a new plow, work on wagons. [page 13].

WILLIAM H. BANDFIELD [BANFIELD]. April through September 1902 with a balance carried forward from the old book of $14.25. Debits for a hoe, shoes, plow, bolts, shovel, strap on buggy. [page 14]

WILLIAM TAYLOR April through November 1903. Debits for a swingle tree, hoe, cutter, plow, sharps and corn. [page 15]

GEORGE CARELL April through February 1902. Balance from old book $1.35. Debits for sharps, hoes, a swingle tree, shoes, corn, wheels and work on buggy. [page 16]

LON ROSS April through March 1902 with forward from old book balance of $21.40. Debits for shoes, bolts, mattock and a set of swingle tree irons. [page 17]

HARVEY KENNER April 1902 through September Forward from old book balance $1.15. Debits for sharps, shoes, 5 gal. Sorgum, links, work on harrow, tire sets, spokes and 2 rims.n [page 18]

HARVE BREEDING May 1903 through June. Debits for clippers, sharps, work on plow.[page 19]

THOMAS BROWN May 1903 through June 1904. Forward of balance of 95 cents. Debits for sharps, wheel, wheel bolts, shoes, shaft. [page 20]

DAVID RICE May 1903-June 1904. Debits for 1 set of teeth, plow beard, shoes, sharps, one fire ??uval [shovel?], work on plow. [page 21]

WATE WARMEN [WADE] May 1903 December. Forward balance of $6.50. Debits for work on wagon bed, shoes, more work on wagon bed, 4 loads of coal, work on cart, 1 doubletree, 3 open rings, 2 yoke oxen shod. [page 22]

MILLARD ALLEY June 1902 with forward of $1.85 through June 1903. Debits for shoes, work on wagon, 12 dozen oats [as written], 2 tires new, work on wheel and 1 tire rim, 1 rod on brake, 1 wheel. [page 23]

ROSS & KICK [as written probably means KIRK]. May 1903 through May 1904. Debits for 4 shoe toes, 28 loads corn, 17 loads corn, 1 brake rod, 18 corn, shoes, work on wagon, 1 pair of grabs. [Note: Possibly the loads are referencing bushels?] [page 24]

JOHN MCWHORTER May 1903 through March 1904. Debits for shoes, shoe set, 1 hame hook. [page 25]

GREEN BOLT May 1903 through May 1904. Debits for shoes, hook, hoe, sharps, swingletree, 300 feet of lumber, 1 cutter, 1 plow sharpened, 1 new plow. [page 26]

FRANK FRENCH June 19, 1903 4 sharps, paid cash. [page 27]

TAYLOR ROSS January 1903 through October 1903. Debits for buggy, tire set, bolts, links, shoes, anvil, wheel. [page 28]

J.P. McGLOTHLIN January 1903 through January 1904. Debits for shoes, 1 tire set, work on buggy, 2 cradle fingers, front nails. [page 29]

ED WHITE June 1903 through February 1904. Debits for shoes, work, clevis, labor, work on wagon bed, tire sets, shovil plow, work on buggy. [page 30]

ISOM HOGEN [Hogan] July 1903 through March 1904. Debits for shoes, coal, horse colar [collar], bolts, 21 beef, 1 tung, howing, 1 swingletree, 1 doubletree. [page 31]

WM. HAZLETT July 1903 through September 1904. Debits for shoes, 1 hook and 1 clip. [page 32]

CHILTON DAVIS July 1902 through September 1904 with forward balance of $3.95. Debits for work on plow, shoes, links, 1 bell clapper, sharps, work on grass board. [page 33]

GEORGE MAYBERRY August 1903 through October 1904 with forward balance of $5.75. Debits for 1 wagon, clip, plow beam, shoes, 1 load of coal [three total loads], sharps, tongue, 2 wheels. [page 34]

MILLARD RUGGSBY [Riggsby] August 1903 through November 1903. Debits for one log bed, 1 pair of b. chains, shoes, 1 rod, 1 beam, hame.  [page 35]

TOMAS ELSWICK [ Thomas] August 1902 through April 1903. Debits for hoe, 2 wheels, tire and rims, 1 spoke. [page 36]

J.A. KLAIBER August 1903 through March 1904 with a forward balance of $1.65. [This is the father of blacksmith JAMES MATTHEW KLAIBER.] Debits for a yoke, shoes, wheel, hame hook, 1 tire set, 1 plow beam. [page 37]

ROBERT DAVIS Aug 1903 through February 1904. Debits for shoes, 2 rings, work on buggy, 2 days work, matic, work on buggy, 1 buggy swingle tree, plows, 1 tire set, 1 leaver to rubber bar, front nail, 1 saddle, 1 buggy pole, wedge, harrow. [page 38]

J.C. LAMBERT August 1903 through May 1904. Debits for shoes, tires, 400 boards, 1 rod on brake, plow sharpened, sharps. [page 39]

WM. HOGEN August 28, 1903. Debit of 35 cents for shoes. [page 40]

ELH. HICKS [as written] September and October 1902. Debit for plow and shoes. [page 41]

WM. H. BANFIELD October 1903 through June 1904 with forward balance of $13.91 from old book. Debits for shoes, hooks, rod for break, tung, work on plow, 16 2 days of work, links, 1 ring, 4 plow sharps, work on harrow, 1 set harrow wheels, 1 cutter, 1 plow handle. [page 42]

ELISHA SEXTON October 1903 through October 1904. Debits for shoes, plow, sharps, 2 c. finger, 1 bu. corn, 4 tires, 1 bu. corn, 1 1/4 day plowing, 1 load of coal, rent on ground, 2 bu. potatoes, 1 hoe, 1 plow beam,    2 days work, beaf [as spelled]. [page 43]

BOYD COUNTY August 1903 through May 1904. Debits for 1 bolt, strap,s harps, work on scrapper, two scrapper handles, weld, 1 spring, 1 link, 2 hooks, rope. [page 44]

NOAH WELLS October 1903 through May 1903 with forward from old book of $9.30. Debits for yoke, work on buggy, work on wagon, 2 lap rings. [page 45]

JAKE SPERRY October and November 1903. Debits for tire set, shoes and coal. [page 46]

PAT BROWN October 28, 1903 shoes and tire set. [page 47]

RASS RAGGSBY [RIGGSBY] October 1903 through October 1904 with forward from old book of 30 cents. Debits for shoes, links, log hauling, king bolt, tire, tung, fork handle, hook. [page 48]

C.H. KOUNSE [KOUNS] November through December 1903. Forward of balance of $21.25. Sand bord [board], wheel, hook, link, 1 pair howing rack, 1 rubber beam, shoes. [page 49]

ELLIS WARD November 15 and 21, 1903. Shoes and work on buggy. [page 50]

W.D. BOLT November 16 and 21, 1903. 1 b. shaft, shoes and 1 wheel. [page 51]

KENT BOLT November 1903 through July 1904. Debit entries for shoes, work on harrow, 1 plow beam, new plow, lap ring, plow handle, plow sharpened, another new plow, 1 plow stock, 1 clevis, sharps, shoes, 1 plow cutter, work on plow, 4 tires, work on buggy. [page 52]

Ta GRIFITH [GRIFFITH]. November 1903 through May 1904. Debit entries for shoes, 2 wheels, 1 buggy wheel, 7 days [possibly indicating labor?]. [page 53]

DAVID RUCKER. December 1903 through December 1904. Debits for shoes, 1 log bed, 2 tire sets, 2 do. Oats, bolts, work on wagon, 1 link. [page 54]

WM. LAMBERT December 1903 through March 1904. Forward balance of $4.70. Debits for shoes, tail tab, work on wagon, links, sharps, work on plow, work on wagon, ox yoke, rims. [page 55]

WATE WARMEN December 1903 through June 1904. Forward from page 22 with balance of $14.80. Debits for shoes, ruff lock, 2 plow bolts, washing machine hoops, links, 1 rubber lock, 1 axil tree, 3 clevis, tire set, swingle trees, 1 set of teeth, sharps, plow repaired. [page 56]

ALMER BALDRIDGE December 1903 through May 1904. Debits for work on wagon, lock chain, hook, bolts, wedge, 1 pair grabs, work on rubber, 1 rubber leaver, 1 plow stalk, sharps, links, work on plow. [page 57]

NED SAVAGE December 1902 through September 1903. Debits for shoes, breast yoke, shoes, 1 wheel, 1 tire rim, 1 hound, 2 tires set, work on w. [wagon] bed. [page 58]

JACK PETRY January 1903 through September 1903. Debits for work on rubber, shoes, 1 pr. sled stirrups, work on plow, sharps, 1 rod, shoes.[page 59]

JAMES FRENCH January 1903 through May 1904. Debits for shoes, buggy shaft,, bolt, break rod, peck of sweet potatoes, 1 plow cutter. [page 60]

MILT CAMPBELL January 1903 through May 1904. Debit entries for shoes, 3 tire sets, and 1 wheel. [page 61]

JAMES HELEMS February 1902 with balance of $4.80 through July 1902. Entries for sharps, 2 days work, plow, shoes, cutter and plow sharpened, 1 cutter, 1 new plow, 2 cutter keys,, several days work,, sharps, bolts. [page 62]

LON ROSS March 1903 with balance forward $46.90. Debits for 4 tire sets, shoes, ox yoke, mattock laid, 1 bu. Meal, hook. [page 63]

JOHN HICKS March 23, 1903 1 pr. Chains paid cash September 8. [page 64]

BUD DAVIS March 1903 through September 1903. Debits for shoes, work on plow, plow and cutter sharpened, sharps, 30 lbs. grapes, shoes. [page 65]

De WELLS [as written] April 1903 through August 1903. Debits for shoes, 2 shovel plows, 1   2days work, clevis, blots, 4 days work, calves, 2 day work. [page 66]

SCOTT DAVIS April and September 1903. Shoes and tire sets. [page 67]

JAMES FIELDS April 1903 through February 1904. Debits for shoes, teeth sharpened. [page 68]

TED LAMBERT April 23, 1903. 2 plows. Entry for September paid cash. [page 69]

D.I. HOGAN April 1903. Marked paid in September. [page 70]

JOHN RUNION [Runyan] May 1903. Debit for 1 post hole digger, plow and key. One load of coal and one load of corn. [page 71]

REECE EDMON April 1, 1903 through November 19003. Debit entries for shoes, 5 plows sharpened, sharps, lap rings, bolts, tire set. [page 72]

MARSHEL BOCOOK [MARSHALL BOCOOK] May 1903 through June 1905. 1 set harrow teeth sharpened, shoes, sorgum, work, loads of coal, corn, work on buggy, order to MCCORMAC. [page 73]

JOHN SMALLRIDGE 1903 [no month or day listed]. One Mattock laid and 7 shoes. Paid cash. [page 74]

FRANK CONLEY May 1903 through September 1903. Debits for shoes, plows, 2 plows sharpened, sharps, 1 tire, 3 saw blades. [page 75]

JOHN FIELDS May 27, 1903. Four shoes. Paid cash on August 5. [page 76]

Wm. BANDFIELD [BANFIELD]. June 1903 balance $6.86 through February 1904. Debits for tire sets, shoes, sharps, plow, spokes, swingle tree, work on wagon, 9 2 days work, nails, 1 trip to town. [page 77]

J.K. BRAMMER June 1902 through November 1902. Debits for 3 tire sets, sharpen, shoe set, blots, axil.[page 78]

WATE WORMEN [WADE WARMEN]. Forward $8.95. July 1903 through October 1903. Debits for shoes, cradle, tire set, chain, 1 ring and style, work on wheel, tongue pins, links, eye bolt, work on wagon, spokes,, yoke. [page 79]

WM. TAYLOR balance forward. June 9, 1903. Entries for shoes,sharps, 2 days work. [page 80]

JOHN KOUNSE [KOUNS]. July 1903 through May 1906. Entries for work on rubber , bolt, shoes, axil, chains. [page 81]

TOM BROWN balance. July 1 1902 through February 1905. Shoes, plow foot, tire set, log bed, 1 load [does not say load of what]. [page 82]

HENRY MCGINNIS July and August 1903. Debits for shoes, work on mowing machine, 2 mattocks sharpened. [page 83]

KENT BOLT July 1903 through February 1904. Balance forward $10.60. Work on wagon, work on log bed, shoes, cchain, swingle tree, axil tree, rubber bar, lap ring, 1 new sled [December 3], plow beam, work on d. shovel. [page 84]

DAVE SHEPHERD July 10 and 23, 1903. Shoes. [page 85]

SAM McCORMAC July 1902 with a balance of $5.65. Shoes, work on buggy, log hauling, chain, sharps, links, 1 foot pease [piece?], hoe handle, bolts. [page 86]

JAMES HELEMS balance July 20, 1902 through February 1903. Shoes, Several entries for days work. [page 87]

JOE BENTLEY August 1902 through November 1902. Shoes, wheels, tire set. [page 88]

CAN EASTHAM August 7, 1903 through August 28, 1903. Tires, shoes, wheels, pair chains. [page 89]

DAVE CLEAR August 1902 through February 1903. Debits for shoes, 1 rod on rubber, tires and set of spokes, shoe toes. [page 90]

GEORGE McGLOTHLIN August 1903 through June 1904. Entries for 2 tire sets, 2 wagon bed fenders, 4 tires. [page 91]

CHILTON DAVIS October 12, 1902 through January 1904. Entries for shoes, breast chain, wedge, tung iron, oats. [page 92]

HARVEY KENNER September 1903 through November 1904. Forward $7.35. Entries for shoe toes, 5 2 gal. Sorgum. [page 93]

GEORGE MAYBERRY forward $29.45. October 1903 through January 1904. Entries for shoes, coalster plates, pick wedges, sharps, wheel, breast yoke, coal, work on horse, bolt - [bottom of page torn off]. [page 94]

GREEN BOLT forward from page 26. October 1903 through December 1903. Shoe toes. [page 95]

VIRGIE STEWART October 4, 1902 four shoes 75 cents. Paid cash January 11, 1903. [page 96]

RAS RIGGSBY [see also under entries of RAGGSBY] forward from page 48. October 1903 through September 1904. Entries for shoes, tire sets, rubber bar. [page 97]

WADE WORMAN. Forward from page 79. [Note different entries have used different spellings of this gentleman - check index.] October 1902 through entries June 1903. Debits for shoes, double tree, king bolt, tire set, spoke, bolt, post hole digger welded, lap ring, road blade. [page 98]

FANNIN [No first name] continued: October 1902 through November 1902. Tires, shoes, links. [page 99]

JOHN HIGGINS December 1903 through October 1904. Forward from old books. Shoes. [page 100]

JOHN LAMBERT. December 11, 1903 shoes and paid cash February 2, 1904. [page 101]

GEORGE MAYBERRY January 1904 through March 16, 1904. Balance $7.80. Cash paid. [page 102]

CLARENCE HAZLETT January 20, 1904 balance $2.40. Entries through January 27, 1905. Shoes, work on buggy, coal, grapes, work on wagon, chain, lap link, 13 lbs. Beaf. [page 103]

ROBERT DAVIS February 1904 through March 1905. Shoes, tung, lock chain. [page 104]

KENT BOLT February 1904 from page 84 $50.33. Paid. [page 105]

MILLARD FRENCH February 22, 1904 through October 1904. Shoes, sharps, strap. [page 106]

BANDFIELD BROS. [BANFIELD] April 1904 through December 1904. Shoes, Shoe toes, work on breast yoke, sharps, links, work on tung, bolt, work on buggy, work on rubber, 1 corn cutter. [page 107]

H. P. SEXTON [HENRY POWELL SEXTON] May 1904 through August 1905. Entries for shoes, work on mower, 1 wheel, 1 bus. Corn, 1 swingle tree,, work on plow, balance on hogs. [page 108]

JASPER SEXTON June 1904 through Oct 1905. Debits for coal, work, shoes, tires and rims. [page 109]

WM. LAMBERT June 1904 through June 1905. Brought forward $11.80. Entries for sharps, cradle finger, blade, loads of coal, log block, bolts, work on wagon. [page 110]

DUMP SEXTON June 1904 through June 1905. Entries for sharps, tire set, corn, work on plow, d. tree, wheels, 1 houn [as written horse? hound?], rubber. [page 111]

SAMATHEY PRITCHARD [SAMANTHA] June 1904 through April 1905. Debits for swingle tree, several months rent, shoes, hay, work on bed, rubber bar, work on buggy, well bucket, work on wagon , shovel handle. [page 112]

ROLL COFFEE June and July 1904. Entries for wedges, trowel. [page 113]

ALLEN ALEXANDER June 1904 through May 1905. Entries for work, sharps, lead chain, bolts, hooks, madox, eye bolt, [page 114]

W. I. ROSS [WILLIAM ISAAC ROSS] June 1904 through August 1904. Entries for shoe toes, work on wagon, hooks, log hook, wheel, lumber, shaft. [page 115]

SAMUEL McCORMAC June 1904 forward from page 86 through September 1904. Entries for shoes, work on cart, swingle tree, mowing brake, rubber beam, hook. [page 116]

TOMAS SAMONS [THOMAS] June 1904 through February 1905. Forward from old books $8.18. One load of coal, one load of wood, balance on work, work on wagon, 2 days work. [page 117]

WM. SELBY June 1904 through June 1905. Entries for shoes, cutter, work on log wagon, hook, log bed, bolts, tire set, brake leaver, rod, , sharps, links, hooks, plows, work on plow. [page 118].

GEORGE HULL July 1904 through December 1905. 1 load of coal, shoes, work on wagon. [page 119]

JOHN HARRIS July 1904 through February 1905. Shoes, tires, straps, feeding 1 hog, 1 bu. Corn. [page 120]

H. K. LUCAS [HENRY KANE LUCAS] July 1904 through February 24, 1905. Shoes, links, clipper, shoe toes, work on rubber. [page 121]

JOHN STANDLEY [STANLEY] July 1904 through September 1904. Work on wagon, work on buggy, cut of, shoes, links. [page 122]

DAVID FANNIN July 23 1904 shoes. Paid May 8 [1905]. [page 123]

FRANK STEWART July 1904 through June 1905. Wheel, spoke and tire, chains, bolster, yoke. [page 124]

FRANK COFFEE. July 1904 through August 1904. Hooks, rods, bolts. [page 125]

JOHN LOCKWOOD July 1904 through November 1904. Entries for shoe toes, wedges, iron rod, work on brakes, axil, work on buggy. [page 126]

LON ROSS August 1904 through November 1904. Debits for cradle fingers, shoes, cart, meal, breast yoke and chain. [page 127]

RICHARD GLANCY August 1904 through April 1905. Debits for tires, shoes, rubber rod, hook, work on pump, tung iron. [page 128]

JAMES SEXTON August 1904 through May 1905. Shoes, hook, work. [page 129]

W. I. ROSS August 1904 through December 1904. From page 115. Entries for sharps, hoes, shoe sets, work on buggy, work on mill, 1 wheel, lumber, shafts, work on yoke, links, clipper, wagon tungs. [page 130]

BOYD COUNTY August 24, 1904 1 scrape and 2 matics. [page 131]

FRANK HANDLEY. [Dates torn off]. Wheels, tire, shoe toes. [page 132]

SAM McCORMAC from page 116. September 1904 through May 1905. Debits for beam, shoes, sorgum, order to McCORMAC, log bed, plate, nails, JOHN LESLEY, 3 bu potatoes, work on press, work on plow. [page 133]

ROB LUCAS October 1904 shoes, March 1905 cash. August 15, 1905 shoes. [page 134]

MELL HARISS [MEL HARRIS] November 1904 shoes. June 1905 corn. [page 135]

WM. SALLMON [Salmons or Sammons] December 22, 1904 4 tire set. [page 136]

DOCK HEFORD December 22, 1904 shoes. Cash. 1 tire, 1 spoke. [page 137]

W.I. ROSS forward from page 120. December 30, 1904 through September 1905. Entries for shoes, bolts, hooks, work on wagon, wheel, lumber, shoes. [page 138]

CLARENCE HAZLETT January 1905 through May 1906. Forward balance $9.60. Cutter, shoes, work on buggy, hay, work on plow. [page 139]

WM. LAMBERT January 1905 through December 1905. Forward $13.25. Entries for chains, hook, link, work on wagons, work on buggy, work on hames, shoe toes, work on rubber, work on bed. [page 140]

TOM BROWN May 17 through November of next year [years not cited]. Entries include shoes, work on buggy, 1 c. knife, work on express, shoes, work on wagon, 1 bushel apples. [page 141]

MARSHEL BOCOOK April through December [year not cited]. Entries for cutter, plow, shoe set, 1 day work. [page 142]

SAM BOCOOK April through December [year not cited] Entries for plow, shoe set, cutter, 1 day work. [page 143]

SAMANTHA PRICHARD May 21 through February following year [year not cited] Entries for work on buggy, several months rent, work on mower, 1 cow on pasture, wedge, shoes, sharps, 1 horse on pasture. [page 144]

SAM McCORMAC May 29 through June following year [year not cited]. Entries for shoes, 1 leg grab, 2 days work, tung, links, plow handle. [page 145]

BANDFIELD BROS. [BANFIELD] May 27 through following year September. [Year not cited]. Entries for lap rings, shoe toes, poke meal, flour, swingle tree. [page 146]

W.R. SELBY June 15th balance [year not cited] through December following year. Entries for plow, work on brake, cutter, sharps, l. wheel, sorgum, ring. [page 147]

TOM BURTON July 18 through May following year [year not cited]. Debits for tire set, days work, rim, paint. [page 148]

ALMER BALDRIDGE August 5th through November 27 following year [year not cited]. Entries for shoes, brakes, hook ,tung, boards, work on buggy. [page 149]

DR. STURGILL August 21 [no year cited]. Six oxen shod. Shoes. [page 150]

H.P. SEXTON September 4, balance, through following February 8 [no year cited]. Entries for shoes, clipper, links, oaks, part plow handle, hook, work on wagon, pasture, 1 rod of iron. [page 152]

MILLARD ROSS September 9 through following March. [no year cited]. Entries for rubber bar, gloves, tobaco, oats, rack, work, and GEORGE MCCORMAC work 10 days tobaco. [page 153]

HENRY ROSS September 9 through January 22 following year [no year cite]. Entries include plow hame, buggy shaft, swingle tree. [page 154]

WM. EASTLAND September 25 through October 13 [no year cited]. Lumber, shoes. [page 155]

MR. LIHOW HICK [no dates] work on buggy, shoes. Marked over as Paid. [page 156]

WM. LAMBERT December 6 forward [no year citation] through March following year. Entries for shoe toes, brake, work on plow, lock chains, 2 ox shod. [This entry has been xxx=d out.]

ELISHA SEXTON December 1905 credit forward. Credit on fodder, work on buggy, shoes, corn seed. [page 158]

MR. HARVEY KINNER December 28 [no year cited] [Can not read entries as they are xxx=d through completely].[page 159]

MR. POWELL SEXTON January 6 through April of the following year [no year cited]. Work on wicker chair, shoes, several days work. [page 160]

MR. WILLIAM QUAL February 18 through October 2 [no year cited]. Entries for 12 ox shod, work on yokes, freight on yokes, shoes, grap hook, bolts, several more oxen shod, work on wheel, hack and links, bolt. [page 161]

HENRY AND JOHN ROSS February 14 through May 27 [no year cited]. Entries for work on wagon, work on chain, bolt, truck iron, meal, yoke, 1 ox shod, work for JORDAN [entered twice], bolster, plate. [page 162]

CHILTON DAVIS May 7 through January 7 following year [no year cited]. Toe set, ox shod, shoes. [page 163]

ALLEN ELICHANDER [Could he have meant ALEXANDER?] Balance May 25 [no year] through Feburary following year. Work on wagon, swingle tree, shoes, work on wagon, tire set, one pair of rubbers. [page 164]

HENRY AND JOHN ROSS June 3 [no year] from page 162, through August same year. Entries include chain hooks, bolts, work for JORDAN, ring and staple and links, shoes, plate 1112 lbs. Bacon. [page 165]

HENRY AND JOHN ROSS September 4 through December 27th [no year]. Entries forward include 1 pair houns [as spelled], axil, shoes, work on log cart, work on buggy, links, work on wagon, 3 ox yoke, tung iron. [page 166]

SAM McCORMAC June 20 forward from page 145. Entries through November 8th [no year cited]. Shoe toes, honey, work on express, nails, wheel. [page 167]

DUMP SEXTON June 20th forward through March 28 following year [no year cited]. Entries include horse collar, hauling, work on wagon, fodder 31 shocks, rings, work on front cage, February 8 one order ELISHA SEXTON, shoe toes. [page 168]

GEORGE HAMONS August 20th through March 9th following year. [no year cited]. Entries include swingle tree, irons, ruff lock, several ox shod, 1 turkey, 1 acil [as spelled], shoes, bolts, spokes. [page 169]

SAM SEATON [NOTE: SEATON is circled and CEATON is entered beside it - extractor is aware of the SEATON family in area.] September 25th [no year] sharpen, 1 drill and maddic. [page 170]

SAMANTHA PRICHARD September 24 forward [no year cited]. Entries include gate hinges, shoe toes, bolts, 1 set hair teeth, 1 cutter stalk. [page 171]

DAVE RUCKER September 28 through January following year. [no year cited]. Entries include shoes, links, grab, 1 pair houns [as spelled], hames, strap, dubble [as spelled] trace, rubber bar, tung, ox shoes, 10 bu. Apples, 1 breast yoke, 1 ruck and bolster, wheel, double tree, shoe nails. [page 172]

BANFIELD BROS. Forward October 3rd through March 10 following year [no year cited]. Entries include a poke of meal, a poke of flower [as spelled], shoes, shoes, hook link, ox nails, 1 ring. [page 173]

W. A. COLE October 16th [no year cited] through April 29th following year. Debits for shoes, ox shod, hook, link, ring, 2 meals by MURPHY, lock chain finger. [page 174]

HENRY AND JOHN ROSS December 31st through March 23rd [no year cited]. Work on wagon, bolts, staple, spokes,, links, tack chain, tungs. [page 175]

[Pages 176-179 blank and several missing]

LARKE GALLION for banking. December 31st through March 6th [no year]. Paid in lbs. Of coal totaling 1291. [page 180]

[Pages 181 through 186 missing]

JOHN MURPHY Board October 29th through Janury 7th [no year]. 1 meal counted for each entry or day. [page 187]

JASPER SEXTON December 14th through January 25th [no year cited]. Shows weeks worked and entries for coal, meat, flour, paper and coffee, sugar, and a card. [page 188]

ALL. GALLION November 1 [most dates torn and can not read]. Entries for poke of flour, 2bu. Meal, 2 bu. Potatoes, beans, work and rent, coffee. [page 189 loose in book]

[Pages missing - loose]

MILT STEWART Feb 1 and 3 days worked. [no year cited]. [Bottom of page torn off.] [page 193]

GEORGE McGLOTHLIN [no dates] Entries for wheel, 1 pair houns [as spelled], matic, work on pick. [page 194]

DOCK HEFORD $3.50 [written on lower portion of page.] [page 194]

Entries for price of horse shoes, spokes, bolts. August 25th order to JOHNSON. Next entry same page is for October 3rd, 1905 for 1 days work. [page 195]




The final page has page number torn off and is loose in book. It appears to be a list of people ordering sundry items. It is undated and undoubtedly torn from the ledger for another use. We have included it since it was from the original ledger. The folks of Garner and Long Branch, Boyd County, were smelling pretty good!


Heliatrope perfume [as spelled]

TRUDIE SEXTON --- powder

Maid of the Mist


CORA FANNIN Maid of Mist



TICE SEXTON [can't read]


HENRY ROSS Glycerine

ED ROSS Glycerine

WILL RIFFE Florida ---

WILL STABLENTON Washing powder

MRS. JORDAN World Work Toilet

DENT LUCAS World Work Toilet




MIRIAM SEXTON [can't read]

LADE KLAIBER Tooth picks


MARTHA DOWDY [can't read]


H. P. SEXTON Maid of Mist



JOHN HARRIS Shaven soap






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